Implementation Sample | 実装サンプル


Each of these gameboard images may look like single image but in reality stacking alpha-Channel PNGs of Pieces, Focus, Grid and Gameboard in several layers.


Ryoko, Grid with Stars and Coordinates, Kaya D Gameboard
菱湖(ノーマル) + 星あり座標ありマス目 + カヤ将棋盤D



Kinki Kohan, Grid with Coordinates, Kaya C Gameboard
錦旗(虎斑) + 星なし座標ありマス目 + カヤ将棋盤C



Kinki Pieces, Grid without Stars, Foldaway Gameboards
錦旗(ノーマル) + 星なしマス目 + 折り畳み将棋盤



Well-used Pieces, Grid without Star, Gameboard in old Shogi Dojo
使い古しの一字彫駒 + 星なしマス目 + 場末の道場の将棋盤



Well-Used Pieces, Handwritten Grid, Paper Gameboard
使い古しの一字彫駒 + 手書きのマス目 + 紙製の将棋盤




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